Qntrl Product Updates | Q2, 2022

Qntrl Product Updates | Q2, 2022

We've rolled out quite a few useful features and enhancements this quarter. We’ve also expanded our help materials with new how-to videos. Here's a quick rundown of our recent updates:

Send emails to create cards using Email In

Qntrl now allows you to create cards and add comments to cards just by sending emails. Each orchestration has a unique Email In ID to which you can email the card details and create cards. Reply to the same emails to add comments to cards. You can also map the data in the email to orchestration fields. Learn more about Email In.


Collect phone numbers in forms

We’ve introduced Phone Number fields in forms that can be used to collect contact numbers with country codes. They can be configured to either set one specific country code for all the forms in the orchestration or allow users to dynamically select country codes when filling in the form. Learn more about phone number custom fields. 


Set deadlines for stages based on fields

Previously, stage deadlines could be set just in minutes/work hours/work days/weeks. Now, we support deadlines to be set as date & time fields or conditions based on these fields. Learn more about stage deadlines. 


Improved currency fields in forms

We’ve enhanced the currency fields to allow users configure the number of decimal places, rounding, and precision options for each field based on the business requirement. Learn more about currency custom fields. 


Search values in a table lookup

Table Lookups help list the data in a table’s column as a dropdown. Since the data listed can be vast, we’ve included a search feature that allows you to search for the value you are looking for from the dropdown list. Learn more.

Increased field limits

We received quite a few customer requests to increase the custom field limits and we went all out to double the field limits now. Visit our help doc to know the new limit. Learn more.

New how-to videos

We are constantly improving our help materials to help users get accustomed to Qntrl’s features at ease. Recently, we added a bunch of new how-to videos to this list. Visit our how-to video resources

What’s next?

  • New dashboard: We are working on an exciting new dashboard that allows users to create and run orchestrations in simplified steps.
  • Conditional fields: We are developing conditional fields where field values can be displayed based on values selected in other fields.
  • White label: This feature will allow organizations to completely rebrand Qntrl to reflect their organization’s brand identity.
  • Importing and exporting orchestrations will be supported soon.
  • We are also working on enhancing reports, line items, Kanban boards, and much more!

We hope these updates are useful to you. Follow our community to get instant updates and also engage with your peers! If you have any questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below or email us at support@qntrl.com.