Tip#65: How can external users create Cards in Qntrl?

Tip#65: How can external users create Cards in Qntrl?

Sometimes, a business process involves users outside the organization. We may outsource and collect information that is needed for our business. In such cases, external users come in to picture. When these external users collect the required data, they will have to upload the same into Qntrl for further business needs. These users are actually not a part of the Organization and so, we'll not be able to add them as users inside the Organization.
With the below listed options, external users can upload their collected data to Qntrl without being a part of Qntrl organization. 

1. Public Forms

You can create Public Forms using which external users can enter the information they have collected and upload it to Qntrl. With the Form Link of a Public Form, external users can create cards in Qntrl. All the card details can be filled in the form and submitted to Qntrl.

Know how to create Public Forms from this help document .

2. Email In

An external user can create cards in Qntrl just by emailing the card details to Qntrl. Each orchestration will have a unique Email In ID to which the external user can drop an email with the card details which in turn will create a card in Qntrl. Also, the reply emails will be added as comments on the cards.

Learn more about Email in from this help document .
Here's a real time scenario where the above features will be most helpful. Consider Zylker, an online grocery start up firm, which delivers multiple daily essentials everyday. Since it is a start-up, part-time sales executives are appointed to generate leads. The details of the people who show interest in the product have to be uploaded by the part-time sales executive in Qntrl. With the help of Public Forms/ Email In features, the part-time sales executives can add their prospective leads data without having to be a part of the organization.
We hope this article is helpful in briefing the different ways to create cards in Qntrl. If you have any suggestions or queries, do email us at support@qntrl.com .


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