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Microsoft Teams for Qntrl

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based collaboration workspace that facilitates communication between different teams in your organization.

Benefits of the Extension

By integrating  Microsoft Teams with Qntrl , users can create cards, perform transitions, and view card reports of Qntrl, right from Microsoft Teams. Users can also configure settings to receive instant notifications in  Microsoft Teams  when updates are performed in  Qntrl. 
Kickstart the integration of Qntrl with Microsoft Teams by installing the Qntrl app in Microsoft Teams.

Requirement : The user must have an account in Microsoft Teams and Qntrl. 

Install Qntrl app in MS Teams 

  1. Log in to your Microsoft Teams account.
  2. Navigate to  Store .
  3. Search for  Qntrl
  4. Enable  Add for you to access the bot personally.
  5. Enable  Add to a team option and choose a team from the suggested list.
    1. Only the users of this channel will be able to access the bot.
  6. Click  Install .  
The page will prompt you to select a channel and complete the Bot and Tab setup. 

Once the app is installed, you need to authorize your Qntrl account in MS Teams. This can be done from the Teams tab in MS Teams. After authorization, you will be prompted to navigate to Qntrl to complete the notification setup. 
If the user logs out of Qntrl, the account has to be authenticated again.  

Actions supported by Qntrl Bot in MS Teams   

From the Qntrl   Bot in MS Teams, you can perform the following actions:
  1. Create new card
  2. View cards assigned to user
  3. View cards requested by user
  4. View all reports
  5. View account details
  6. Set up organization and layout details

Add Tabs to MS Teams 

Tabs display an interactive UI, allowing users to directly work on Qntrl from MS Teams. Users can create new cards, view existing cards, perform transitions, and much more, directly using tabs in MS Teams. 
  1. Click the  button in your team’s channel.
  2. Search for and select  Qntrl .
  3. Log in to your account and select your organization name.
  4. Click  Save

Configuring MS Teams in Qntrl

Users can configure to receive actionable notifications in MS Teams for updates performed in Qntrl. 
  1. Navigate to  Integrations  under  Extensions  from the menu.
  2. Select Microsoft Teams for Qntrl
  3. Click  Add Team .
  4. Map your team in Qntrl with a channel in MS Teams. 
  5. Toggle the button to enable or disable notifications related to card updates, card transitions, and field updates. 
  1. Enable or disable notifications : You can enable or disable the notifications sent from Qntrl.
  1. Revoking integrations : Revoking the integration will delete all the related data from Qntrl. To associate a new MS Teams account with Qntrl, first revoke the integration and then try installing again. 
  1. For questions or suggestions email us at

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