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SSH Engine

SSH Engine module in Bridge is used to perform actions in the client network/client's machine by executing a command/script in Linux/UNIX OS.



While creating credentials for SSH Engine, choose the Credential type as SSH. Click here to learn how to create a credential.


Request data

"task_name": "ssh_task",
"credential": {
"task_details": {
"host": "<HOST_NAME>",
"command": "<COMMAND>"
"args": {
"<ARG_NAME1>": "<ARG_VALUE1>",

  A system-defined name for the respective module. 'ssh_task' is the task name for SSH Engine.
  A JSON object that contains the details of the machine to be connected.
  Name of the machine credential.
  A JSON that contains details of the task.
 Host name of the machine in which the SSH command has to be executed.
  Command for the specific action.
   For transmission of dynamic values during script execution.

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